"The Best Training You've Ever Had, Or It's FREE"

"Oh soooooo funny!"  - Sulley-Miller Contracting

"Bob is the Robin Williams of CPR!" - State Of California

"This class was better than an action-packed movie!" - Blue Cross

"The best CPR/First Aid training we've had in my 20 years!" - LA Dept. of Water & Power

Comedy CPR Los Angeles Oscars

Bob's New Medical Assistant (Taken at the Oscars)
(I do the chest compressions, she does the breathing :-)

News Release: 

Bob Receives Award From The United States Congress and Pasadena Fire Department
For Saving A Life At The Rose Bowl:


Classes for Businesses and Groups of 10 or More

Just imagine a CPR & First Aid class taught by a professional Stand-Up Comedian
with 31 years of Fire Department experience! 

Besides the class being a BLAST, your retention of what to do to save a life
can go up 800%! That's right! You're eight times more likely to remember what to do
(and do it well) if you learn in a fun and relaxed environment!

And to help with that, there's NO WRITTEN TEST! :-)




Plus, no one else but Bob will tell you the Secrets of Calling 911!

Secrets, you say? Yes! 

If you saw a child get hit by a car, and you ran to the phone and called 911, when you heard "911. What's your emergency?" What would you say?

"A child was hit by a car!"      Right?

Wrong! That may have doubled the time to get Paramedics!

Bob will tell you how to get the fastest response (even from cell phones) from the Fire Department, Paramedics and Police, how to get around busy signals, how to get help when you can't speak (you're choking, or someone is breaking into your place) and more! (You can find out more at

Just Some Of Our Clients

City Of Los Angeles DWP 
Blue Cross Of California 
State Bar Of California 
U.S. Veterans Administration 
Wells Fargo Bank
Hughes Aircraft
Vulcan Materials
and more

What Students Say About The Classes by Bob Ross

  • This was the finest training we've had in my fifteen years with the company! I'm still getting comments about it a week after the fact. The balance of entertainment and education made the time go quickly.  - Coca Cola
  • I was pleasantly surprised to find that the classes were fun, exciting and informative ... His knowledge, expertise, and experience in the paramedic field was apparent. - Blue Cross 
  • Bob's way of teaching made this the best training that I have attended in my 16 years with this company! - Vulcan Materials
  • Very funny! And appreciated his on the job experience (and stories)! - Vulcan Materials


The fee for the combined CPR & First Aid training is only $67.50 per person (10 student minimum), which is $5.00 off the normal price. 

We come to your facility and do the training right there, at your convenience! The two-year certification meets all OSHA requirements! And all students (and employer) are covered under the Good Samaritan Law!

"The Best Training You've Ever Had, Or It's FREE!"

Phone: (310) 478-5230
FAX: (310) 496-2105
Comedy CPR

Los Angeles, CA 90025-4150

email: 911  at  comedycpr  dot com

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CPR Los Angeles Paula AbdulCPR Los
                  Angeles Heather Locklear

Bob and Paula Abdul on the set of          Bob and Heather Locklear on the set of
the CBS show, Live To Dance                        the show, Hot In Cleveland          


Bob and Cat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance

Bob is also available as a Set Medic, providing expert medical care
on the set of feature films, commercials, and high-risk stunts.

(Bob has worked on The Apprentice, NBC's Biggest Loser, Criminal Minds, The Amazing Race, and Skating With The Stars. Plus videos with Rhianna, Katie Perry, Brittany Spears and more!

Bob's Music & Stand-Up Comedy Site:

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